Our document solution offers a wide range of functions, making various parties such as forwarders benefit from our solution in relation to customs clearance. The document and control solution makes it possible to create and manage import and export documents in connection with e.g. NCTS and B-Number documents and validate these document data.

The solution includes functions to automate communication with Danish Customs, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration and Customs in Germany, giving our customers an actual benefit and efficiency improvement.

Another feature is a solution for CLL/GW control and follow-up on customs references. In addition to this, it contains features to manage parts of the EU programme, e.g. managing data in relation to ECS.

Our document solution includes different opportunities managing the paperwork in connection with both import and export.

Create Import and Export documents such as DK-NCTS, DE-NCTS, B-number and others. 

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