Our Goods Transport System (GTS) covers all aspects in managing activities efficiently and offers a wide range of facilities and operational features to manage units and railway wagons. The system includes functions to book and allocate units, exchange units with neighbouring countries and other operators, shunt and make up trains including calculation and information, necessary in order to operate a train.

Invoice all activities and services in GTS and also make use of the possibility to exchange data with external contract and agreement systems. Overall, optimise and ensure operational procedures as a rail operator with our efficient solution for managing railway wagons.

GTS is integrated with our Terminal Operating System (TOS) where bookings are made with use of our OneStopBooking solution. These are made interactively via the Internet; however, in more and more situations bookings are made electronically from the companies’ internal systems.

Almost all freight trains transporting in and through Denmark are operated via our GTS solution. 

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