• Birthe Krag
    Birthe Krag Supporter
  • Hans Henrik Nielsen
    Hans Henrik Nielsen Supporter / QA
  • Jan Laurberg Hansen
    Jan Laurberg Hansen Supporter
  • Maj Nikolajsen
    Maj Nikolajsen Supporter
  • Johannes H. B. L. Jensen
    Johannes H. B. L. Jensen 2nd Level Supporter
  • Mathias Erland
    Mathias Erland 2nd Level Supporter
  • Tobias Brogner
    Tobias Brogner 2nd Level Supporter
  • Kåre Ferslev Andersen
    Kåre Ferslev Andersen Group Product Lead / Product Lead Train & Booking
  • Mathias Haahr Taankvist
    Mathias Haahr Taankvist Product Lead Customs
  • Mike Primholdt Terp
    Mike Primholdt Terp Product Lead TOS
  • Tina Andersen
    Tina Andersen Product Lead Warehouse, EMR & Road
  • Cornelia Horvat Nielsen
    Cornelia Horvat Nielsen Project Manager
  • Alex Søndergaard Bysted Pedersen
    Alex Søndergaard Bysted Pedersen Application Developer
  • Alex Frier Stewart
    Alex Frier Stewart Application Developer
  • Christian Olsen
    Christian Olsen Application Developer
  • Christian Hoffmann Thomsen
    Christian Hoffmann Thomsen Application Developer
  • Daniel Kjær Arentoft
    Daniel Kjær Arentoft Application Developer
  • Kasper Juul Knudsen
    Kasper Juul Knudsen Application Developer
  • Mahmoud Alrajoula
    Mahmoud Alrajoula Application Developer
  • Martin Hostrup Dall
    Martin Hostrup Dall Application Developer
  • Mathias Foldager Andersen
    Mathias Foldager Andersen Application Developer
  • Mikkel Dixen
    Mikkel Dixen Application Developer
  • Mikkel Jakobsen
    Mikkel Jakobsen Application Developer
  • Morten Steen Nielsen
    Morten Steen Nielsen Application Developer
  • Rune Hoffman
    Rune Hoffman Application Developer
  • Simon Nørgaard
    Simon Nørgaard Application Developer
  • Sune Brinch Sletgård
    Sune Brinch Sletgård Application Developer
  • Troels Fleischer Skov Jensen
    Troels Fleischer Skov Jensen Application Developer
  • Frederik Skaade
    Frederik Skaade Intern
  • Jesper Koudahl Overby
    Jesper Koudahl Overby Intern
  • Giulia Rafaela Ivan-Let
    Giulia Rafaela Ivan-Let Frontend Developer
  • Gunvor Paludan
    Gunvor Paludan Frontend Developer
  • Nicolai Kløcher
    Nicolai Kløcher Lead System Developer
  • Steen Tingager Damgaard
    Steen Tingager Damgaard System Developer
  • Elisabeth Karassavidis
    Elisabeth Karassavidis Service Assistant
  • Pia Olesen
    Pia Olesen Administration / Accounting
  • Stine Kærgaard
    Stine Kærgaard Marketing Coordinator
  • Kian Andersen
    Kian Andersen Head of IT-Infrastructure
  • Henrik Højen Andersen
    Henrik Højen Andersen Chief Executive Officer
  • Karsten Gitter
    Karsten Gitter Chief Technology Officer
  • Stig Rune Skaarup
    Stig Rune Skaarup Chief Research Officer
  • Send Job Application
    Send Job Application Application Developer

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